Mount Mary’s Compass Year is designed for undecided students

At Mount Mary University, we help women discover the major that inspires their creativity and connects them to promising careers. In fact, we’re the first university to offer a comprehensive, one-year program specifically designed to help undecided students find their major and stay on track to graduate on time. We call it the Compass Year.

Mount Mary’s Compass Year program is built on evidence-based career and vocational practices to give you the opportunity to discover your path, and the resources and support you need to stay in school.

Mount Mary is the first university to offer a comprehensive, one-year program specifically designed to help undecided students find their major and stay on track to graduate on time. We call it the Compass Year.

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Turn your passion into a career

If you have multiple interests and are struggling to fit them around a specific major, we’re here to help. Our counselors are trained to help you discover your own path. Classes in your first year will give you access to hands-on experiences in different careers, plus a chance to learn from experts in the field.

During your Compass Year, you will experience:

  • Classes in your first year introducing you to the 30+ majors we offer and possible career options
  • Guided self-assessment to identify your interests, strengths, values and skills
  • Cohort-based learning that provides support and structure throughout the discovery process
  • Purpose-driven leadership learning through a core curriculum that includes classes such as Leadership for Social Justice and Search for Meaning
  • Hands-on experiences including dynamic internships, research projects and study abroad opportunities

Best of all, you will stay on track to graduate in four years.


Compass Year Scholarship 

Students who wish to be part of the Compass Year Program are eligible to receive a $1,000 scholarship upon admittance. To be considered for the Compass Year Scholarship, follow these simple steps:

  1. Apply for admission as an undecided major during your senior year.
  2. Reach out to your admission counselor to complete a short, three question interview. Click here to find your counselor!
  3. Submit your FAFSA to receive a financial aid award that includes the $1,000 Compass Year Scholarship.


Compass Year Program Details

Undecided Program

Summer Jump Start
You’ll join fellow Compass Year students for a three-day summer jump start. You’ll kick off the process of getting to know yourself and your community with your new friends and mentors. 

First Semester
In SYM 120: Career & Major Exploration, you’ll develop an increased understanding of your personality, interests, values and skills. You’ll build on these discoveries to start learning about potential future careers. You'll also identify a basic subject area of interest, called a "Meta Major," and take core classes both semesters of your first year that will count toward your degree.

Second Semester
In SYM 220: Major & Career Exploration II, you’ll deepen your self-knowledge and continue to understand how it can align with career possibilities through job shadowing and guest speakers, along with experiential learning to build your decision-making and goal-setting skills.

Ongoing Opportunities

  • Throughout the year Mount Mary faculty look forward to sharing their own vocational narratives with you. You can turn to your professors for support, empathy and guidance as you uncover the right fit for your future.
  • During your first year, academic departments will host mini “Open House” classes for Compass Year students, allowing you a glimpse into the coursework and experiences you can expect in that field of study. 

End of Freshman Year
By the end of your first year, you should feel equipped to make a confident decision about your major. If you are still undecided after completing your first year, you can continue to receive individualized support from a Mount Mary career counselor.

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