Analexis Skyi Calderon '20

Target Style Consultant

student example

The gift of a fashion template sketching guide inspired Analexis to explore her interest in fashion at a young age. In time, her dream of one day designing apparel for her own brand outweighed other career paths she considered, and she knew “I had to go into this field and learn more about what it takes to be a fashion designer.”

Analexis thought she’d have to leave Wisconsin to study fashion, until she discovered Mount Mary’s Fashion program right here in Milwaukee. The program offers two paths – Fashion Design for students who are passionate about the creative process, and Merchandise Management for those with an interest in retail, trends, styling and business. 

As she completes each semester’s required courses, Analexis gains insight into the variety of opportunities to work in the fashion industry. Because of her early interest in drawing clothing on the body – thanks to the fashion template – she excels in fashion art. She’s undaunted when it comes to hands-on construction classes and loves the feeling of accomplishment she experiences as she develops the creative and technical skills required of a fashion designer. 


All students in the Fashion program feel the pressure build as they collaborate to plan and complete their collections in preparation for each spring’s CREO runway fashion show. “It’s always tense and stressful leading up to the show, but once it’s happening, it’s the greatest experience ever!” Analexis enjoys modeling, hair and makeup prep, and interacting with classmates on a more personal level as everyone works tirelessly to prepare for the big event.

“CREO is a wonderful platform for us to showcase our work and make a statement while networking and engaging with the audience. It’s breathtaking and surreal.”

Analexis’ summer internship at Milwaukee based children’s clothing brand Florence Eiseman exposed her to the variety of operations required to compete as a small design and manufacturing company. Supervised by Brenda Schmidt, Director of Production, her tasks included gathering materials for samples to be sewn in overseas factories and helping to prep outfits for photoshoots. She also organized fabric samples into a fabric library for easy reference. The experience helped her understand how a brand’s history and reputation are key to long term success.

Future Goals and Advice

Analexis realizes continued growth in all areas will help her achieve her goal to work in fashion. After graduation, she plans to continue to design and develop apparel for herself and others. She’ll establish herself on social media, specifically Instagram – to feature her designs and share her perspective to attract an audience. She’d like to earn her cosmetology license, with a goal of launching her own brand as an expert to “make others look and feel beautiful and confident within themselves.”

“My time in the Fashion Design program at Mount Mary helped me build confidence in my work and myself. I am beyond proud of myself and all my accomplishments. Fashion is a competitive field, and there were times where I felt like giving up or changing my major because I felt I wasn’t like the other designers or my thought process couldn’t be understood.”

Her advice to future design students is to “believe you can achieve any and everything that’s meant for you. Give yourself a pep talk on especially challenging days and never give up.”