Human Resources

What's different about Mount Mary's Human Resources Major??

Human Resource majors are prepared to gain knowledge of the primary functions of business with an emphasis on (but not limited to) talent acquisition, operations, workplace culture, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and the management of workforce. You will build capacity in the classroom by gaining knowledge of organizational design, careers, trends, and professional opportunities in the realm of business through the lens of Human Resources and how it fits into the big picture of business practice.  

Scholarships for Business Administration Majors

As a business administration major, you may be eligible for two business-specific scholarships at Mount Mary: the Victoria and Eileen K. Johnson Scholarship and the Henry and Christine Willems Memorial Scholarships. Contact the business administration chairperson for more information. Learn more about scholarships at Mount Mary.

Scholarships for Business Administration Majors

Learn more about Mount Mary's Human Resources Degree

Business Administration professionals developed at Mount Mary University hold the key to establishing both process and procedure in the workplace that allow organizations to thrive at levels of abundance. In the exploration of coursework, you will be able to dive into adequate business practice, identify your niche in the workplace, and stay engaged in your learning by developing your skills in assessment of organizational needs during your time here.   

At Mount Mary University, our Business Administration faculty are highly sought industry professionals, consultants, educators, and community leaders. They have both the knowledge, experience, and professional credentials in the business realm that are highly regarded to include SHRM-CP/SCP (Society for Human Resource Management) certification. SHRM reports that those who have SHRM-CP/SCP credentials reap a 23% pay boost in comparison to someone without one. 

Our faculty know what it takes to help businesses succeed and will supply you with an academic experience that will allow you to leverage your own skills and interests to contribute to workplace communities or establish your own. 

Discover through the exploration of business practice what area of the industry you would like to get more versed in while in the classroom at Mount Mary University. Through personal advisement from Business Administration faculty, throughout the duration of your degree program, you will be exposed to relevant workplace topics, local and national human resource organizations, and get educated on SHRM Certification, the top business credential in the realm of Human Resources that can lead to more opportunities, advancement, and recognition in the industry.    

The median annual wage for those in a Business or Financial occupation as of May 2023, was $79,050 per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Internship opportunities are limitless, as you will be given support in how to adequately make connections to the areas of business you desire, as well as how to present yourself as a student of business both on paper and in the digital realm.  

Key industries and roles that you can have a true impact in with a degree in Business Administration from Mount Mary University include but are not limited to: 

  • Entrepreneurship  
  • Management Consultant 
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 
  • Financial Analysist 
  • Social Media Marketing & Brand Management 
  • Human Resource Specialist/Coordinator 
  • Benefits Specialist 
  • Sales Management 
  • Talent Acquisition 
  • Employee & Labor Relations 
  • Retail Management 
  • Fundraising 

As a student of Business Administration, you will be exposed to experiences in and out of the classroom that will allow you to: 

  • Enhance your confidence and comfortability in all sectors of business 
  • Help you stand out in the job search process 
  • Secure your commitment to leadership and service  
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the application of business practice 
  • Define your professional brand and voice 
  • Establish your knowledge and understanding of Human Resources 

Through the establishment of a network of business contacts, learning more about the business industry and function of Human Resources, you will be exposed to activities, events, and student conferences that will allow you to interface with other students attending local institutions in the state of Wisconsin, in conjunction with the Wisconsin State Council SHRM.   


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