What's different about Mount Mary's Liberal Studies Major?

In today’s competitive workplace and constantly changing job market, a bachelor’s degree in a broad field such as liberal studies can open doors to exciting new career opportunities. Mount Mary University’s liberal studies program supports you in developing critical thinking, creative thinking and leadership skills so you can succeed personally and professionally.

Enhance Your Career Advancement Opportunities

Getting a degree in liberal studies is a great way to improve your employment opportunities and increase your earning potential. Our graduates report increased responsibilities and recognition in the workplace after earning their degree. Discover more about liberal studies career opportunities

Complete Your Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies

Mount Mary offers a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies degree program designed designed for students interested in a broad-based liberal arts education. The Liberal Studies program promotes the growth of women who would benefit from a wider, more holistic perspective on the world. The liberal studies curriculum is flexible, blending the richness of liberal arts with professional preparation based on the student's unique interests and needs.

Scholarships for Liberal Studies Majors

As a liberal studies student, you may be eligible for a transfer student scholarship. Contact your admission counselor for more information. In addition, check with the human resources office at the company where you are employed to see if your employer offers tuition assistance or reimbursement.

Contact us to hear from your Admission Counselor: