Pre-Law Degree

What's different about Mount Mary's Pre-Law Major?

Mount Mary University's pre-law advising can guide you down the road toward a successful legal career and prepare you to apply to and enroll in law school. At Mount Mary (or at any college) pre-law is not a major—it involves taking a challenging curriculum and developing your reading, writing, speaking, critical thinking and logical thinking skills.

Become a Lawyer

  1. Choose a major you're passionate about. You'll get better grades if you enjoy your classes and better grades stand out to law school admissions offices. Many Mount Mary pre-law students choose to major in: historyjusticeEnglishbusinessglobal studies or philosophy.
  2. Be a world citizen: Become involved in your community through interning, volunteering or social justice projects that allow you to apply your in-class learning to real-world issues.
  3. Get a mentor: Mount Mary can connect you to talented legal professionals who will help you make good choices about your future. Ask them to share their wisdom with you and find time to meet with your mentor. You'll learn valuable lessons that apply to your personal and professional life.

Pre-Professional Programs
Preparing for Law School from Freshman to Senior Year

Preparing for Law School from Freshman to Senior Year

Did you know the greatest needs of today's legal climate are the need for diversity among lawyers, judges and legal professionals? Recent studies by the American Bar Association show high needs for women and minorities to enter the law and practice it for a lifetime.

The field of law today is in a state of revolution. Lawyers, like everyone, navigate new technology and new ways to address legal matters. Today's lawyers are passionate problem solvers in these areas:

  • Immigration law
  • Energy/environmental law
  • Healthcare law
  • Elder and family law
  • Business law

Preparing You for a Career in Law

Here's how Mount Mary can support you in pursuing a law career:

  • Access to professionals: Through Mount Mary's Justice program's many service learning sites and connections with Wisconsin law schools, the American Bar Association, the Wisconsin Bar Association and the Association of Women Lawyers, you'll be surrounded by opportunities to experience the demands of the profession before you start law school. You'll get chances to see legal workers in action at the federal courthouse, the county juvenile justice center, a family drug treatment court and more.
  • Social justice foundation: To meet the new revolution in the field of law, you've got to be ready to deeply engage with the lives of the people you will be helping. Mount Mary's mission and vision is strongly rooted in social justice, which can prepare you to understand and address the real underlying issues instead of viewing legal issues only on the surface.
  • Strong core curriculum: Through Mount Mary's core curriculum—the backbone for all majors at the university—you'll develop the skills you'll need to excel in law school and legal practice: communication, critical reading, reasoning, writing and researching skills.

From the time you are a freshman until your senior year, you can do things to better your chances of getting into law school and creating a successful law career. See our pre-law timeline for what you can do each year at Mount Mary.

Preparing You for a Career in Law

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