What's different about Mount Mary's Spanish Major?

As political and cultural borders rise and fall, languages remain an essential means for gaining a profound understanding of ourselves and others. Mount Mary University helps you develop listening, reading, speaking, writing, critical and creative thinking and an appreciation for literature and diverse cultures. Our goal is to support you in becoming a lifelong learner of languages and culture.

Create a Successful Career

A degree in Spanish prepares you for a career as a Spanish teacher, translator, interpreter and more. Discover more about Spanish careers. 

Learn Spanish and Study Abroad

Mount Mary University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, minor in Spanish and pre-baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate certificates in Spanish. You can choose to specialize in one of four areas. All Spanish majors are required to participate in a study abroad experience of at least four weeks.

Spanish Activities Outside of Class

Mount Mary encourages Spanish majors to participate in student clubs and organizations, such as the Alpha Mu Gamma honor society and the International Student Club. In addition, there are many local service opportunities to teach English to Spanish speakers.

Scholarships for Spanish Majors

Several scholarships are available to help Spanish majors pay for their study abroad program:

  • World Languages Scholarship: This scholarship is available to Spanish and international studies majors who participate in any study abroad program. Criteria include high academic performance and financial need.
  • Burke Scholarship for Study Abroad: This scholarship is available to students in any major who participate in a Mount Mary study abroad program. Contact Nan Metzger for more information.

We encourage students to also apply for the national Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship for study abroad. Mount Mary students have won this scholarship in the past three consecutive years. Learn about other scholarships at Mount Mary.

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