Carrie Smith King, Ph.D. Named Wisconsin Post-Secondary School Counselor of the Year

Althea Brach Post-Secondary School Counselor of the Year awarded to counseling program director

MILWAUKEE (February 23, 2015) - Carrie Smith King, Ph.D, counseling department chair and assistant professor in counseling at Mount Mary University, received the Althea Brach Post-Secondary School Counselor of the Year from The Wisconsin School Counselor Association (WSCA). The award recognizes outstanding service to the school counseling profession in Wisconsin. This year marks the 50th anniversary for WSCA whose membership includes over 1200 professional school counselors, King accepted the award at WSCA's annual conference in Madison, WI on February 18.

Smith King currently serves on WSCA's Governing Board as Post-Secondary Vice President. She regularly contributes to the school counseling profession's thought leadership. She has presented at the annual WSCA conference for six consecutive years and her students have presented their research and ideas at the WSCA conference the past two years. Smith King has also presented at the American School Counselor Association's annual conference.

Smith King has influenced future school counselors through her contributions to Mount Mary's counseling program. She actively engages counseling students in research projects including developing cultural competency curriculum for pre-service teachers, and studying the impact of career-based service learning on high school students' civic engagement. Smith King's students are also involved in a trauma sensitive school project that she coordinates and administers. The project educates elementary school teachers, staff, students and parents/guardians about the impact of childhood trauma on classroom learning.

King received her B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.