Leadership within health care: Specialized focus attracted student to MBA program

Here's the story of one alumna, who graduated with a nursing degree and has returned for an MBA specifically geared to her needs.

carla-shaw-350x245.jpgMount Mary University offers MBA tracks for women and men in both General Management and Health Systems Leadership. Carla Shaw, Clinical Development Coordinator for Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - St. Francis, graduated from Mount Mary University in 2008 with a bachelor's degree in Nursing and Behavioral Science; she currently is working toward her MBA in Mount Mary University's Health Systems Leadership track.

The program's strong focus on leadership and management skills resonated with Shaw, because of the unique challenges she encounters working within the field of health care.

"When I look at the complexity and rapid state of change within health care, I see a great demand for leaders who can influence with clear vision," Shaw said. "When given the opportunities to lead a team, a project or a new initiative, I want to have the background and experience I need to make smart decisions.

"I felt that there would be great value in developing my ability to communicate and present my ideas and the ideas of teams I get to work with."

The MBA program has given Shaw the opportunity to reflect on the importance of solid leadership within a health care setting. "I have learned that a successful leader needs to work hard, keep an open mind, believe in others, and find joy in the mission and the people, while staying true to their own values," she said.

"I want to have an influence on other health care providers who will, in turn, make a positive impact on others."