Welcome to college: Investiture sets path for academic journey

As the formal welcome to the University, Investiture serves as the first bookend in a student's academic career. At this time students receive a candle, symbolizing the light of learning.

Students will revisit this tradition in years to come. In the final bookend to their college years, these students will present a lit lantern to someone who has inspired them along their journey.

"This ceremony shows the character of Mount Mary," said freshman Alison Bubloni of Kingsford, Mich. "I feel inspired to be courageous."

At the ceremony, President Eileen Schwalbach, Ph.D. offered these new students some advice:

  • Open yourself up to thinking creatively
  • Learn to appreciate conflicting ideas
  • Be comfortable with ambiguity
  • Seek help when you need it
  • Take time to reflect upon what you're learning
  • Ask God's blessing as the school year starts
  • Take care of yourself

"Your education will prepare you to become a creative leader," Schwalbach said. "The problems of today are crying out for creative solutions."

Student government president Michelle Hawkins summed up her advice to students in four simple words:

"Dream big. Be bold," she said.