To voting, students say I DO

Students at Mount Mary University are hoping to inspire a commitment to the voting by staging "pollposals," and formally asking one another to vote.

What is a pollposal?

The concept of a pollposal is like a promposal -- you're asking someone to vote with you. And a pollposal can involve presenting someone with a Ring Pop while kneeling, or be as simple as a whiteboard message to a buddy. Our students will be surprising their professors, friends, and even the University President with one serious question: Will you vote with me?

The idea was inspired by Cosmopolitan's movement #CosmoVotes where popular celebrities like Tony Goldwyn asks Ellen DeGeneres to vote with him.

Millennials (ages 18-35) make up 31% of the electorate, but they have the lowest turnout rate. Student Government Association at Mount Mary wants to change that by holding one another accountable for voting.

How to participate:

  1. Pick up a ring to poll-pose to a friend from Student Engagement (Caroline Hall 142).
  2. Pollpose to your friend!
  3. Share your pollposal photo/video on social media, tag @mountmaryuniversity and use #CosmoVotes.

2016_voting_1.jpg 2016_voting_2.jpg 2016_voting_3.jpg 2016_voting_4.jpg 2016_voting_5.jpg 2016_voting_6.png 2016_voting_7.png

2016_voting_8.jpg 2016_voting_9.jpg

Voting information:

Visit for information on where and how to vote. Shuttles are available on election day November 8 to take on-campus residents to vote. Contact Student Engagement in CH 142 or at for more information.