It's fashion week here, too

Local fashion entrepreneur puts on a style show in Wauwatosa

In step with Milwaukee's own Fashion Week in mid-September, fashion entrepreneur Sydney Deutsch '11, hosts her annual fashion show outside her boutique, Hyde Park MKE.

Held directly outside her shop, at 68th and Wells Street in Wauwatosa, Sydney gets permission from city planners to close off the sidewalks and sets up rows of chairs to enclose a runway.

The runway stretches an expanse of 50 feet long and is surrounded by dozens of chairs. As the music starts to jam, the first fashion model struts down the runway.

Deutsch, also an adjunct in Mount Mary's fashion department, has revolutionized her family's dry-cleaning business, Hyde Park MKE, and turned it into a modern fashion hub. She's helped play a role in turning this once-sleepy intersection into a fresh source of millennial energy.

During the show, Sydney's energy and style were on full display, with 60 different looks that she styled herself.

Sydney's experience in the Fashion Show Coordination class at Mount Mary inspired and empowered her to pull off her own show as a fashion professional.

"The class gave me the production skills to be able to do this." Deutsch says. Some of Sydney's Mount Mary classmates also pitched in, such as Katie Nelson '11.

After the show, Hyde Park teemed with the energy of creative expression and inspiring new looks. The store was packed with customers looking for their favorite styles from the runway to take home with them.

And as the fashion world bustles around the globe - with designers in New York, Paris and Milan laying out their looks for the year - Sydney stays in step.

"I love Milwaukee and don't want to go anywhere else," she said.

Learn more about Sydney Deutsch '11 and her Wauwatosa boutique, Hyde Park MKE or visit her website,


The (Fashion Show Coordination) class gave me the production skills to be able to do this.

Sydney Deustch '11