A latte love: now serving Colectivo at Mount Mary

"The Pharr Side" title comes from President Pharr's University official blog of the same name. Drawn from a reference to the popular comic title, The Far Side by Gary Larson, it highlights the President's perspective and style.

Starting this semester Mount Mary University is now serving Colectivo Coffee roasters at their café locations so students everywhere can get their java fix for the school year.

Director of food service, Darryl Anderson, is excited to be offering the new coffee products on campus. He feels Colectivo is unique because of the character and the energy associated with the brand, saying, "even the cups (they serve) are colorful and full of life."

While Colectivo's local roasts and teas are classic trademarks of the brand, Colectivo has whipped up something special to welcome the new university president, Christine Pharr, Ph. D. to campus. Made especially with Mount Mary's own personalized ice cream flavor, Mount Mary Berry from Purple Door creameries, the Pharr Side Frappuccino is a new Mount Mary signature.

The Pharr Side Frap is now being served at the Parkway Café downstairs in Caroline Hall, and at the Cyber Café located in Gerhardinger Center. Grab one for $4.50 for a 12 ounce or $3.50 for a 12 ounce without espresso.

Christy Rodriguez, the Colectivo Coffee representative working with the University, says she "knows how important it is for food service to have variety" and thinks the new partnership between Mount Mary and Colectivo will provide just that.


[PHOTO, left] Pharr Side Frapp: blended happiness at 32 degrees

The Pharr Side Frap whips together ice cream, berries, and espresso for one sweet treat.