Founders Day, Continuing the Legacy of Mount Mary's Beginning

For the 105th year, Mount Mary celebrated Founders Day, a campus wide tradition that remembers the spirited history of the University. On February 22, Mount Mary recognized the courageous University founders, high-achieving students, and other distinguished individuals at Mount Mary.

Mount Mary welcomes new students into the honorary societies of Delta Epsilon Sigma and Kappa Gamma Pi every year. Many students receive recognition for their academic excellence, leadership capabilities, and responsibility in service to others. This year, Sister Linda Marie Bos understood the potential of many of the new inductees.

"The world of service is now in their hands," she said.

Additionally, Mount Mary honors the SSND heritage by awarding the Mother Theresa and Mother Caroline award to students who live out the legacy of the University's beloved founders. This year, the Mother Caroline Student Award went to Aisha Ullius and the Mother Theresa Award went to Jeanette Ingabire.

The University takes time to accredit the many outstanding individuals in the Mount Mary Community. All embody the University's vision: to be part of the diverse learning community, work in partnership with local, national and global organizations to educate women to transform the world.

The following notable members of the Mount Mary community received the Heritage Awards, an honorable award that recognizes their dedication to the mission of Mount Mary:

  • Administration Award: Vicky Rydell
  • Faculty Award: Jordan Acker Anderson
  • Staff Award: Isabel Piana '69
Founder's Day 2018

Bethany Van Hammond

Designer of this year's Founders Day poster and pamphlet graphic.

Founder's Day 2018

Aisha Ullius

Awarded the Mother Caroline Award.

Founder's Day 2018

Jeanette Ingabire

This year's award winner of the Mother Theresa Award Award.

Founder's Day 2018

Vicky Rydell

This year's recipient of the Administration Heritage Award.

Founder's Day 2018

Jordan Anderson

Awarded the Heritage Award for faculty.

Founder's Day 2018

Isabel Piana '69

Received the Staff Heritage Award.