From the President

We stand committed to a world where all are welcome 

To the Mount Mary Community, 

All faiths, all cultures and all people are welcome at Mount Mary University. This is a fundamental belief that guides our actions large and small.

I share this message with you in the spirit of our community today, as racial hatred taking place in Minneapolis and places across the nation creates tensions and indignation that harm and affect us all. 

In moments such as this, it is of utmost importance for us to display our shared mission for unity and compassion. We ask that your words and actions bring us together.

Mount Mary – and everything we do – is and shall remain a safe place for all community members. Please, consider the impact of your words and actions, whether on social media or in your interactions, and let them reflect the richness of inclusivity and diversity we uphold together.

We must be a light to the world. We stand in opposition to the forces that tear us apart. Side by side, we must affirm our commitment to a world where all are welcome. 

Please remember that the campus community has many supportive professionals and faculty available to talk with you about your concerns and help to further develop your understanding of diversity and inclusive practices. Our Counseling Center is also available for additional support – you can reach Dr. Tom Toast on his cell phone at (414) 861-0679.

We hold our country and our community in prayer during this difficult time.

Update as of 6/4/20: Mount Mary President Christine Pharr, PhD, recently shared with our campus community her response to George Floyd's horrific death and our nation in distress. You can click here to read this letter in full.