A Place for Women

Create More Success at a Women’s University

Mount Mary University provides women a unique academic setting that delivers courses and learning experiences in ways that women learn best—through small group activities, collaborative learning and leadership development opportunities. A women’s college since its founding in 1913, Mount Mary is one of 47 women’s colleges in the United States.

Studies by the National Survey of Student Engagement and other organizations find that students who attend a women’s college:

  • Are more likely to graduate and are twice as likely to earn a doctoral degree than females at coeducational universities
  • Engage in a more active and collaborative learning
  • Are more likely to be challenged academically
  • Participate in more in-class and outside of class experiences, particularly in leadership roles, to enhance their education
  • Report greater gains in building their self-confidence and self-understanding
  • Interact more frequently with their professors

Additionally, studies cited by the Women’s College Coalition show that graduates of women’s college are more successful in careers, tend to hold higher positions, earn more money and are happier.