Enroll in courses at Mount Mary University as a Special Student

Whether you are enrolling in one class or easing your way into a degree, taking courses at Mount Mary as a Special Student could be the next step in your education journey. Special students (or non-degree seeking students) are those who wish to take a course for personal enrichment, professional development, or in preparation for a graduate degree.

Learn more about Mount Mary's course offerings by searching our online Course Guide. View course descriptions, and find courses that fit your schedule and needs. To explore all areas of academic interest, check out Mount Mary's comprehensive list of majors and academic programs.

How to Enroll

  1. Submit the Special Student application. Once your application is received, you will be contacted by a Mount Mary admission counselor.
  2. Make sure your course has been approved by your admission counselor. Note that if your course has prerequisites, you may be asked to provide unofficial transcripts or proof of proficiency.
  3. Submit your $50 tuition deposit to begin the enrollment process. This can be done through the Transact Payments payment portal on MyMountMary.
  4. Register for your course using the instructions provided by your admission counselor.

Mount Mary's undergraduate tuition and fees information can be viewed here. Special students pay a per-credit fee and are not eligible for financial aid. Graduates of Mount Mary University can receive a 50% discount on the per-credit cost for up to four credits per semester. Possible additional course fees may apply for art and design courses. Tuition payment plans can be set up for fall and spring terms using the Transact Payments payment portal on MyMountMary.

For assistance in setting up a tuition payment plan, please contact Mount Mary's business office at mmu-businessoffice@mtmary.edu or (414) 930-3033.


Questions? Contact Our Admissions Team!