CARES ACT – Federal Emergency Financial Aid Grant, Public Notice

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has created hardships for many people in our society, including students. Many students or their parents have lost jobs making it difficult for them to cover living expenses such as food, housing, medical bills and childcare. So the Federal Government passed a law providing “stimulus” money for college students under the CARES Act. 

Mount Mary University received $578,637 of such funding under the CARES Act on April 27, 2020. All of these funds are being awarded to students in the form of grant aids for use at their discretion consistent with the provisions of the Act.

As of August 21, 2020 a total of 756 students from a population of 1,007 eligible students have received checks in varying amounts, aggregating $574,894. The remaining funds will be similarly distributed to students based on expressed needs. 

The University’s method to determine which students are to receive Emergency Financial Aid Grants, and the level of aid provided, include such criteria as their level of financial need (based on information supplied in connection with financial aid filings), whether the student has dependent family members, or other expressed needs documented in aid request forms made available by the University to all students.

The University sent out a notice with each grant check explaining the source, intentions and requirements related to the funds. Students were advised that the funds were Federal grants intended to be used for their personal needs such as food, housing, medical bills and childcare, and that the funds do not need to be repaid.