1. Student worker positions
Having a student work position can get you experience to put on a resume, as well as earn you a little money. The more professional the job, the better the experience will look on your resume. There is usually a variety of different positions for different kinds of people. Mount Mary students can look for available student work positions on MyMountMary.

2. Volunteering
Volunteering gives you the opportunity to make a difference in the world while putting work experience on your resume. It not only gives you work experience, but shows that you are a thoughtful person. Finding somewhere to volunteer that fits your major is rewarding in several ways. It helps those in need, but it also benefits you. Putting a volunteering position on your resume will give a good impression to possible employers.

3. Look for internships early
Even if you might not need an internship until your senior year, looking for internships early will show you what’s out there and what kind of experience you might want to gain. The internship itself is good experience and if you can get one early, that’s another year or two of work experience for you, something that professional jobs look for.

4. Join campus organizations
Campus clubs/organizations can provide students with opportunities to participate in events that they can list on their resumes. Mount Mary has organizations like Arches Magazine, Shalom Club, International Club, Art Therapy Association, Student Government Association, American Association of University Women and so much more. There’s something for everyone. Look at the list on Mount Mary’s website for a full list of possible clubs to join.

5. Participate in conferences or competitions
Whether it’s through a class, an organization or something you discovered on your own, attending conferences and competitions can be a beneficial experience. Conferences will teach you information important to your major, and competitions lead to possible awards that will look excellent on your resume. For example, Mount Mary’s Arches Magazine offers multiple opportunities for conferences and awards; one even includes a trip to Minneapolis!