Resources for Mothers and Parents

At Mount Mary we are striving to support students who are parents through various resources at the university. Today there are over 4 million parents enrolled in colleges across the country. The majority of these student parents are single moms. Due to the lack of resources the drop out rate of many single mothers is much higher than that of their non-parenting peers. Mount Mary University is working to change this! Mothers and other parents who are hoping to earn their degree and create a better life for themselves and their children are finding new support on campus. 

Madonna Fund

Through many generous donations Mount Mary has been able to create an endowment which allows the university the ability to help mothers financially through situations they might be experiencing. Examples of possible uses of the funds include medical bills related to being pregnant or parenting, assistance with housing, tuition, childcare, utilities or other necessary expenses. We understand that being a parent while also being a student is a challenge, and we hope that assisting with the financial burden of that will allow students to focus on their studies. To request funds please reach out to Hannah Sternig at

Trinity Woods

Trinity Woods is an on campus housing opportunity for single mothers and their children. This is a new intergenerational building that allows Mount Mary students and their children to live with School Sisters of Notre Dame and other community members who are 55+. To live in Trinity Woods mothers must be a full time enrolled student, and their children must be between 6 weeks and 11 years old upon move in. For more information about Trinity Woods please check out this page.


Mount Mary has obtained a grant called CCAMPIS which allows parents to get up to $500 per semester toward childcare needs based on need. For current students- for more information or to apply for the CCAMPIS grant please use this link. If you are not a current student but have questions about CCAMPIS please reach out to Student Case Manager Crystal Medrano at

Title IX Rights

Mount Mary recognizes all rights that pregnant and parenting students have. This may include some accommodations such as larger desks, more breaks, excused absences for doctors appointments and maternity leave. If you are pregnant please contact Hannah Sternig at for more information about your rights as a pregnant or parenting person. For more information from the federal government about Title IX rights and responsibilities please visit this website.

Case Manager

Crystal Medrano is the Case Manager at Mount Mary who works specifically with parents. If you have any questions about government assistance or your rights at MMU Crystal will work with you. Reach out to Crystal at to schedule a time to speak about your situation.