Student Government Association

Mount Mary University’s Student Government Association (SGA) exists to represent the student body in University issues and decisions, both big and small. Students have the opportunity to serve on SGA, gaining leadership experience, supporting the diverse student community, and creating positive change.

What is Student Government Association (SGA)?

The Student Government Association is a group of students elected by their peers to represent their needs and concerns to the University. Members of SGA represent various student populations including resident students, Grace scholars, non-traditional and graduate students, as well as the student body at large. SGA meets weekly to identify campus issues or concerns that need to be addressed.

What does SGA do?

Student Government has several key functions:
1. Seeks student feedback and input
2. Supports student organizations
3. Provides student voice to University administration 
4. Represents students on various campus committees and governing bodies

In addition to these key functions, SGA plans and hosts events that support their overall mission of representing the student body and supporting the Mount Mary mission. 

Who is my SGA representative?

Executive Board

  • Amber Brown, President
  • Nina Kesic, Vice President

Appointed Positions

  • Katie Smith, Senator for School of Arts and Design
  • Iyana Adkins, Senator for School of Business
  • Sara Rubovits, Senator for School of Natural & Health Sciences and Education
  • Keishla Lopez Castillo, Senator for School of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Makaila Wilks, Grace Scholar Senator
  • Tronica Joab, Promise Program Senator
  • Lauren Nylund, Athlete Student Senator

Elected Positions

  • Sam Ligget, Diversity Senator
  • Jade Langkau, Resident Student Senator
  • MiKayla Galloway, Commuter Student Senator
  • Britt Asbach, Graduate Student Senator
  • Mako Shidad, 1st Year Student Body Senator
  • Emma Smalley, 2nd Year Student Body Senator
  • Asmara Pretrick, 3rd Year Student Body Senator

How do I get involved?

Student Government elections and appointments occur each fall and spring semester. Executive Board elections occur in the spring semester, and general elections occur in the fall semester. Appointed positions are chosen in the spring semester and include: one student from each of the schools, one student athlete, and one student from each of the following programs: Grace Scholars, Promise Program, Caroline Scholars, and Jewel Scholars.

Check out the SGA page on My Mount Mary to access the current application for the elections.

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