Online archive unveils hidden treasures

Global access to these archives will enlighten countless creatives, students, instructors, historians and curators as they seek inspiration for their own work.

– Donna Ricco, Executive Fellow Fashion

Digitization of garments and artifacts provides up-close access

The Mount Mary University Digital Fashion Archive is an extraordinary resource on local, national and international levels. Instant access the treasures within our collection establishes the Mount Mary University Fashion Archives as a prominent resource for educational, cultural and artistic inspiration.

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About the Archives

Each piece is photographed using 360° digital photography technology, allowing garments and accessories to be viewed thoroughly from all sides. Zoom features allow viewers to enlarge and study each detail and embellishment.

Featuring many designers that previously were not well represented online, the Digital Archive includes supporting historical documents and photos with each collection to help tell the story.

"The contributions of women in the fashion industry have historically been overlooked or minimized. As an all-women's university, Mount Mary's Fashion Archive is uniquely situated to highlight the accomplishments of female fashion designers," said CLIR Grant Curator/Stylist Amanda Cacich.

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Notable Collections Designed by Women

Breaking Barriers: The Ebony Fashion Fair

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Donna Ricco

I believe the best new ideas in fashion are inspired by what's come before.

Donna Ricco