Tips for Freshman Students

  • Do your homework and participate in class. Colleges look at all four years of academics, not just your last couple of years of high school, so start working hard to earn good grades. Your GPA can impact your chances of admission and the amount of scholarship money you may receive.
  • Get involved. Whether you play a sport, participate in an after school club or volunteer in your community, find an activity or two that interests you. Some activities can help you explore career possibilities and learn more about jobs you do and don’t want to have.
  • Do a job shadow experience. Job shadowing lets you follow a professional around for an entire day so you can see what a job is really like. Talk to your parents, your parents’ friends and family members about what they do at work and then talk to your high school guidance counselor to set up a job shadowing experience.
  • Take personality or interest tests. These tests can help you discover more about what you like and what careers might be a good match for your strengths, talents and interests. Ask your high school guidance counselor for more information on these tests.