Mount Mary University offers a Certificate of Completion in Trauma Counseling. The certificate is the first of its kind offered by a private university in the Milwaukee metropolitan area.

The certificate involves a course series within the Master of Science in Professional Counseling program. The certificate program is designed for counselors, clinicians and treatment specialists who wish to become trauma-informed therapists who can provide individual, group and/or family counseling, therapy or support to trauma victims.

The trauma field is rapidly developing and expanding, creating a unique need for mental health professionals specializing in trauma and trauma-related work. The increased interest in trauma stems from new developments in mental health, such as:

  • the introduction of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • community and collective trauma
  • the influx of returning Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans
  • refugee mental health
  • dual diagnoses
  • developing trauma-informed models that are prompting major changes in the community mental health system

Certificate Requirements

The Certificate of Completion in Trauma Counseling requires two, 3-credit graduate-level courses, which provide a total of 90 hours of instruction by qualified educators. You must complete both courses with grades of B or better to receive the certificate of completion.

The certificate of completion may partially meet the requirements for Certification as a Trauma Specialist (CTS) by the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists or the Figley Institute (formerly the Traumatology Institute). This trauma series does not offer supervised clinical hours.

Required Coursework (6 credits)

  • CON 650: Trauma Counseling I (3 credits)
  • CON 651: Trauma Counseling II (3 credits)

See detailed course descriptions in the Graduate Bulletin (PDF).

For more information about the Certificate of Completion in Trauma Counseling, contact Dr. Carrie King.