Mission & Goals

Mount Mary University’s interior design and merchandising programs prepare students to adapt to present and future demands in the interior design profession; to solve problems with creativity, integrity and critical thinking; and to recognize their responsibility to the profession, environment and global community.

Program Philosophy

The philosophy of the interior design faculty recognizes and responds to the continual changes in technology, skills, specializations and the industry as they impact interior design and related fields. Faculty members provide academic and experiential coursework augmented by community outreach, professional involvement and one-on-one student contact in and out of the classroom.

Program Goals

The goals of the interior design and merchandising programs are:

  • to respond to continually changing needs within the profession
  • to encourage critical thinking, creative problem solving and social sensitivity
  • to introduce a wide variety of career options
  • to offer leadership, school involvement and community service opportunities
  • to identify and communicate individual strengths and weaknesses
  • to facilitate personal and professional development
  • to emphasize networking with peers, alumnae and practitioners
  • to introduce sustainability, diversity and global issues