Pre-Occupational Therapy

Pre-Occupational Therapy

Mount Mary’s Pre-Occupational Therapy Concentrations are specifically designed to provide strong preparation for admission into the graduate Occupational Therapy program at Mount Mary. Graduates complete required coursework not only to earn a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology or Psychology, but also to complete the required prerequisite courses needed for admission to Occupational Therapy.

Early Admission Decision:
Students entering Mount Mary University need to successfully meet the following progression standards to be eligible for the early admission decision process. Any undergraduate student who enrolls at Mount Mary with less than 61 earned credits and meets all of the conditions below will have a spot in Mount Mary’s professional entry graduate occupational therapy program.

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graduate Occupational Therapy program.

Human Biology major, Pre-OT

Mount Mary University’s Human Biology major, Pre-Occupational Therapy Concentration emphasizes scientific inquiry and brings real-world experience into the classroom and laboratory to prepare you to achieve personal and professional success. As a Human Biology major with a Pre-Occupational Therapy Concentration, you’ll get to participate in many hands-on labs, as well as undergraduate research projects. The major prepares you for success in healthcare, research, writing, education, public health, or management careers.

Psychology major, Pre-OT

Are you fascinated by how people think and behave? Are you hoping to become an occupational therapist? If you are, then the Psychology major, Pre-Occupational Therapy concentration might be the major for you. As a Psychology major with a Pre-Occupational Therapy concentration, you’ll study the biological, cognitive and social influences on human behavior and thought and prepare for a meaningful and rewarding career that involves working with people.

 Pre-Occupational Therapy Concentrations

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