The Mount Mary University Project Diotima brings you content from our Philosophy majors completing their Senior Independent Study. Each student chooses a philosophical topic, such as Justice or The Soul, and reads six books to deepen and broaden her knowledge in the global history of philosophy. Moreover, the independent study aims at achieving the learning objectives of the philosophy major at MMU:

  • Self knowledge and ethical reflection essential for self advocacy and leadership for social justice.
  • Tact: an agility and proficiency in the method of philosophical conversation both in terms of listening and responding.
  • Analytic ability to create robust arguments with logical consistency.
  • Meaningful engagement with thinkers and themes in the global history of philosophy.

Project Diotima provides the opportunity to extend that study into a broader forum, to make philosophy accessible to a wide audience, and to model what undergraduate women in philosophy can do.

At Mount Mary University, the philosophy program engages your innate desire to know through courses that are part of the university’s core curriculum, majors or minors. The philosophy program emphasizes reasoning, reflection, an awareness of the whole, and a sensitivity to different experiences, opinions and beliefs, especially those of women.