Students will begin exploring their majors during Compass Year Jumpstart

On August 18, Mount Mary will welcome the first Compass Year cohort for a four-day jumpstart with team-building and career exploration activities.

Compass Year is a yearlong program specifically designed to help undecided students find their major and stay on track to graduate on time. Mount Mary’s Compass Year program is built on evidence-based career and vocational practices to give students the opportunity to discover their path and the major that best suits their talents and interests.

Incoming students have been responsive and enthusistic to this program. The program was only announced six months ago, and already Mount Mary's Compass Year enrollment projections have been met.

Although enrollment numbers will not be finalized until mid-September, this program has roughly doubled the number of undeclared students entering Mount Mary.

Participants in the Compass Year program arrive to campus three days prior to new student orientation. Move-in day is August 18, and students and parents will enjoy a special welcome dinner as they meet other students and learn more about the year ahead. Dinner will be followed by a community movie night.

On Monday and Tuesday, students will engage in discussions and hands-on workshops from career counselors and current students. Topics include college readiness, self-care, storytelling and discovering one’s passions and gifts. The tools and resources provided in these workshops will introduce students to the program and provide the foundation for the remainder of the program.

Students will also enjoy two off-campus excursions during their jumpstart to Dave & Buster’s and the Milwaukee County Zoo. The opportunity to meet other students and make new friends helps to build peer support that leads to higher retention and graduation rates.

Students will participate in the new student orientation activities which begin on Wednesday, August 21. Classes start August 26.

To learn more about Compass Year, click here.