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Scholarship Opportunities

At Mount Mary University, we offer scholarships to create an affordable path to your education. Scholarships are financial aid money that you don’t need to repay. Scholarships are given for academic achievement, outstanding talent in a specific area or other qualifications such as student need.

Scholarship Programs: 85% to Full Tuition

Available to incoming, first-year undergraduate students:

Academic Scholarships: $9,000-$15,000 (per year)

Available to incoming, first-year undergraduate students:

Additional Scholarships: $500 to Half Tuition

Available to undergraduate students:

Transfer Student Scholarships: Up to $11,000 (per year)

Graduate and Adult Student Discounts: Up to 50% off

External Scholarship Opportunities


Questions about Scholarships and Financial Aid? Contact us!

Financial Aid Office
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Milwaukee, WI 53222
Phone: (414) 930-3044