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Our Faculty

Mount Mary University faculty are passionate about higher education. Creative, interdisciplinary teaching formats encourage strong working partnerships between professors and students. The university's collaborative learning environment is key to preparing students to be future leaders for changing job markets and to be social innovators that add value to their communities.

At Mount Mary you’ll learn from faculty who bring real-world professional experience into the classroom to teach students and engage in research. Nearly 83 percent of Mount Mary full-time faculty hold a Ph.D. or other terminal degree in their field. Contact faculty via the faculty web page in the appropriate academic major or graduate program.

Introducing "ped talks"

Mount Mary's "ped talks."In 2014, Mount Mary launched "ped talks," a faculty-centered project focused on sharing creative approaches to teaching in post-secondary classrooms. "Ped" refers to pedagogy, defined as the art and science of teaching or the craft and method behind education. The "ped talks" project is supported by the School Sisters of Notre Dame Central Pacific Province and is an outgrowth of our Creative Campus Initiative.

Dr. Paula Reiter, Associate Professor of English, and  Dr. Maureen Leonard, Associate Professor of biology, discuss their work on "FLIPping the classroom" in the first installments of Mount Mary's "ped talks," available for viewing now.

Terri Jashinsky, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Graduate Program in Counseling, focuses on creative and practical strategies to maximize learning from the experience of others (guest speakers, outings, etc.) in the classroom environment. The benefits, challenges, and methods of assessing student learning from these experiences will are presented in "Inviting Real Life Into the Classroom: Enriching Student Learning Through the Experience of Others."

Faculty Spotlight 

Jennifer Peterson Jennifer Peterson, Ph.D., assistant professor of communication, leads the creation of Mount Mary's new Health communication concentration. Her passion for teaching health communication stems from her dissertation studying the support experiences of women living with HIV and AIDS.  She wants her students to be "critical consumers of messages" and to raise their voices and realize there may be voices not present in the conversation. Read more about Jennifer in the latest edition of the Mount Mary Magazine.
Kristen Roche Kristen Roche, Ph.D., assistant professor of business administration, was recently cited for her entrepreneur study, "Reconciling Gender Differences in the Returns to Education in Self-Employment: Does Occupation Matter?"  Compared to self-employed men, self-employed women have more education but considerably lower earnings, generating differences in the returns to education by gender.  Kristen explores gender differences in earnings among the self-employed. Read more about the study and about Professor Roche.
Rachel Monaco Wilcox Rachel Monaco Wilcox, J.D., professor of chair of the justice program, used her frustration about the struggles of the underserved populations as motivation to focus her career on educating others about the good that happens when we pay attention to survivors of sexual and domestic abuse. The graduates of the Mount Mary justice program are more "active thinkers and decision makers and leaders capable of solving problems." Rachel brings the "Untold Stories" series to campus each semester and has started the LOTUS clinic through Mount Mary to bring legal help to human trafficking victims. Learn more about Rachel's work.
Mary Ellen Kohn-Buday Mary Ellen Kohn-Buday, Ph.D., associate professor of World Languages/Spanish and chairperson of the World Languages department, was awarded the "Excellence in Teaching" award by Mount Mary University for the 2013-14 academic year for her demonstration of innovative teaching techniques, dedication, enthusiasm, support of her students and more. Mary Ellen is always eager to get into the classroom, bring culture to her students and is known to make a mean gazpacho! Read more about Mary Ellen's award in the latest edition of the Mount Mary Magazine.

Lynn Kapitan

Bruce Moon

Lynn Kapitan, Ph. D., director of the Professional Doctorate of Art Therapy program (top), and Bruce Moon, Ph.D., chair of the Art Therapy department at Mount Mary, have seen how art therapy changes lives on the individual and community level. 

Bruce conducts research on the role of personal art making for therapists exposed to horrific stories have an outlet.  Lynn travels to Nicaragua annually to bring art therapy to women survivors of domestic abuse allowing them to develop their voices and hone their leadership skills.  

Together they support the next generation of art therapists.  "Women are very influential in the world.  If we can raise their voices, it will impact the next generation in a big way," says Dr. Kapitan.