Operating in a Sustainable Manner

Mount Mary University, in conjunction with other Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (WAICU) members, saved hundred of thousands of dollars as a result of WAICU’s audit program. The audit program and subsequent recognition reinforces WAICU’s and Mount Mary’s deep commitment to protecting our environment and being good stewards of resources.

Sustainable Building Operations

  • Energy efficient lights are located throughout recently renovated areas of Haggerty Library, Parkway Place and four classrooms. Moving from t-12 to t-5 lighting provides the same light for much lower wattage.
  • Low-flow shower heads have been installed in the residence hall, reducing consumption by three gallons per minute.
  • The cooler/freezer and refrigerators used in new food service areas are energy efficient models.
  • Floors across campus are cleaned with chemical-free, electronically ionized water.

Sustainable Campus Grounds

  • The campus turf is mowed to 3.5 inches, reducing weeds and the need to water during drought/dry summer periods.
  • Drought tolerant plants are used in landscaping and the grounds waters campus plants, tree and athletic fields selectively during dry periods.
  • Grass clipping are not collected, rather they are left in place to reduce the need to fertilize the turf by one application per year.
  • Trees within the campus landscaping have three inches of mulch at the base, increasing weed control and moisture retention and reducing the potential for mechanical damage around the base of the trees.
  • Leaves are mulched and left as natural fertilization for the soil.

Sustainability in the Dining Hall

  • The university collaborates with our food service provider, FSI, to compost all food preparation materials, plant waste and coffee grounds. The efforts, which began in 2009, produce eight, 18 gallon totes of compost each week during the school year.
  • The university converted to tray-less service, which saves an ounce of food waste per plate on average. Mount Mary saves the equivalent of one shower for every 20 trays not washed each month.
  • Future recycling plans include collaborative efforts with Growing Power of Milwaukee and other local growing vendors.

Recycling on Campus

  • Approximately 11 dumpsters (10 yards each) filled with metal material were recycled during recent campus renovations.
  • The university continuously recycles outdated computer equipment, metals and delivery pallets.
  • Separate recycling efforts have been implemented for light bulbs, ballasts, electronic devices and batteries. Collection points are located conveniently in various areas on campus.

Fun Fact: Did You Know?

The Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce awarded WAICU one of its nine annual Friends of the Environmental Awards. As a member of WAICU, Mount Mary University along with other WAICU member institutions received the Friend of the Environment: Environmental Innovation Award in May 2012 for its EPA/DNR Environmental Health and Safety Audit program.

  • Mount Mary faculty collaborated with the university’s groundskeeper and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to develop a rain garden in 2006. The garden collects the rainwater allowing it to soak into the ground naturally filtering sediments and slowing the flow of water into storm sewers.