Emergency Procedures

What to do if you encounter an emergency situation at Mount Mary University.

Active Threat  |  Bomb Threat  |  Medical Emergency  |  Fire  |  Tornado  |  Hazardous Materials

Active Threat - Weapons/Active Shooter

If there is an active threat to your safety:

GET OUT – If safe to do so

  • Get out of the room and building quickly and quietly
  • Leave belongings behind
  • When in a safe location, call 911 (911 from University phone) and MMU Public Safety, 414-930-3333.

HIDE OUT – If not safe to get out

  • Lock the door, windows and turn off lights
  • Spread out in room and remain quiet
  • Get on floor if shots are heard
  • If phone is available, call 911 (911 from University phone) and MMU Public Safety, 414-930-3333.

TAKE OUT – If confronted by intruder and there are no other options

  • Make a plan with others if intruder confronts you
  • Spread out in room
  • Act as a team to overcome intruder
  • Do whatever is necessary to protect your safety

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Bomb Threat

If a bomb threat is received by phone, the person receiving the bomb threat should ask the following specific questions:

  1. When is the bomb going to explode?
  2. Where is the bomb located?
  3. What kind of bomb is it?
  4. What does the bomb look like?
  5. Why did you place the bomb?

Keep talking to the caller as long as possible and record the following information:

  1. Time of call
  2. Check caller ID display on phone
  3. Approximate age and gender of caller
  4. Speech pattern, accent, or other distinguishing vocal traits
  5. Emotional state of caller
  6. Background noises

Notify MMU Public Safety, 414-930-3333 as soon as possible. MMU Public Safety will notify law enforcement.

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Medical Emergency/Serious Illness or Injury

  • If injury/illness is life threatening, call 911 (911 from University phone), then call MMU Public Safety, 414-930-3333.  Describe circumstances and advise that an emergency 911 call has been made.
  • Stay at location of emergency until MMU Public Safety or emergency personnel arrive.

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  • Pull fire alarm and call MMU Public Safety, 414-930-3333.
  • Identify a designated meeting area and evacuate the building
  • Close windows and doors as you exit. Do not use elevators.
  • Keep streets, fire lanes, hydrant areas, and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and personnel.
  • If confronted, follow directives by MMU Public Safety, Police or Fire Officials.
  • Do not re-enter building until declared safe by Police, Fire, and/or University officials.

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 Tornado Warning (Tornado Siren Sounding, Tornado Observed Near Campus)

  • Immediately move to interior hallway in the lowest level of the building, away from windows.
  • Do not close windows or doors as you leave.
  • If confronted by MMU Public Safety Officers, follow their directives.
  • Remain in the shelter area until an “all clear” is given by University officials.

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 Biological or Chemical Accident/Hazardous Material

  • Refer to the posted directions in each biological or chemical lab with regard to the location of spill kit and fire extinguisher.
  • Call MMU Public Safety, 414-930-3333.  If the type and location of hazardous material are known, report that information to Public Safety.
  • Evacuate to a designated area – close doors as you leave.
  • If confronted by MMU Public Safety, Police or Fire officials, follow their directives.