About This Service

Printing at MMU

  • The Canon printers are multi-function devices that allow you to print, copy, scan, and email a document.
  • All of these devices are connected to the campus network. A print job can be sent as described below and then released at any of the Canon printers.
  • To use the devices, the user must have a valid MMU username and password.
  • A valid MMU ID card will allow a user to swipe in, making printing and copying simpler.
  • Wifi printers are not allowed on campus.
  • Faculty and staff are assigned a department to which printing/copying is automatically billed. 
  • The costs of printing are as follows:
    • Black/white single-sided: $.05 per page
    • Black/white double-sided: $.04 per page
    • Color single-sided: $.25 per page
    • Color double-sided: $.20 per page

About Papercut

A pay for print system has been implemented across campus using PaperCut.  Faculty, staff, students and guests are able to print to various public printers from public workstations or personal devices. There are several ways to submit a job to the public printers:

  • Using the pre-configured printers on the public workstations in the libraries or labs
  • Sending your print job to a specific email address
  • Submitting your job via a web browser

Once the job has been submitted, you are able to release that job from any of the public printers that support the desired output.  For example, a color print job could be released from any of the color printers in the public spaces across campus.  For students and guests, a charge is assessed for any copy/print job in the public spaces.

Who Can Use This Service

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students

Additional Resources

Print Quotas

Students are given a $40.00 balance at the beginning of each semester. If needed, students are able to add funds through Papercut.

Locations of Public Printers:

  • Gerhardinger Center Cyber Cafe - One black and white printer located in the lower level of the Gerhardinger Center.
  • Caroline Hall Crossroads - One black and white printer located in the lower level of Caroline Hall.
  • Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty Library Commons - One black and white and one color multi-fuction printer located in the Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty Library.

Locations of Classroom Printers:

  • Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty Library RM 10 
  • Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty Library RM 18 
  • Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty Library RM 110
  • Notre Dame Hall RM 447 
  • Notre Dame Hall RM 451 
  • Notre Dame Hall RM 459

Faculty and Staff Printing, Copying, and Scanning

Employee Printing [PDF]

Student Printing, Copying, Scanning

Secure Print and Release [PDF]

Printing from a Personal Device [PDF]

Print via Email [PDF]

Request Refund [PDF]

Student Printing FAQ [PDF]