Create Career Opportunities

Did you know having a paid internship could nearly double your chances of getting a full-time job after graduation? Begin creating career opportunities for yourself while at Mount Mary University by participating in an internship.

Get Professional Experience

Internships are supervised work experiences that allow you to get real-world job experience in your chosen field and to reflect on your experiential learning and goals through self-study assignments.

Mount Mary students in most majors can earn college credit for participating in an internship.  Students are encouraged and in some cases required to take advantage of internship opportunities.

Companies in the Milwaukee area and cities across the world offer internships for college students. These can be paid or unpaid, and can last for a semester, a summer or an entire academic year.

Internships can help you make valuable career connections in your field and excellent performance during an internship can even lead to full-time job offers. An internship also can help you:

  • Apply theories and principles learned in the classroom.
  • Learn about work environments, cultures and supervisory styles.
  • Build your confidence and develop your professional skills.
  • Get a head start on your competition for jobs since your experience will help you understand what employers look for in candidates and companies are more likely to interview or hire a job applicant who already has experience in the field. 

How to Find Internships

Mount Mary’s Advising and Career Development Office can assist you in finding an internship. Professors in your major also can provide assistance, advice or even specific major-driven internships, such as the Dietetics Internship, that will prepare you for a successful career. 

But don't stop there!  Try these useful tools designed to help candidates find open positions of all kinds:

  • Attend local career fairs
  • Check your favorite corporate websites 
  • Use job search websites such as
  • Search online job boards at professional association websites in your field
Meg Delaney

“My editorial and fashion internships in New York City at NYLON and Interview magazines allowed me to apply concepts I learned in class to real-world situations. I researched stories, visited designer showrooms, went to a fashion trade show and even transcribed an interview with Matthew McConaughey.”

Meg Delaney