Create Excellence

Mount Mary University’s Honors Program promotes superior academic achievement and provides an enhanced educational experience. We encourage Honors Program students to develop a strong intellectual identity through exclusive opportunities in and outside the classroom.

Enhance Your Education

The Honors Program provides you opportunities to:

  • Engage in courses designed to enhance your academic experience and challenge you
  • Take courses with other Honors Program students
  • Expand your abilities
  • Excel in extracurricular engagement and campus leadership.

By participating in the Honors Program, you also will receive the designation “Graduation in the Honors Program” on your university diploma.

Get Exclusive Program Opportunities

Exclusive opportunities for Mount Mary Honors Program students include:

  • Receiving academic advising from your major’s program director.
  • Presenting a paper at an on- or off-campus scholarly conference.
  • Writing an honors thesis.
  • Enrolling in honors courses such as Honors Composition II; Search for Meaning; Philosophy of Science; Africa: Past, Present and Future; and Harry Potter Literature.
  • Participating in Honors Video Seminars focusing on topics such as women’s leadership, self-esteem building and career development.
  • Engaging in the Honors Contract Option, which allows you to contract with professors to take regular classes at an honors level.

Are You Eligible for the Honors Program?

To be considered for acceptance into the Honors Program, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a minimum 3.5 grade point average in high school or at her previous academic institution
  • Be an accepted or currently enrolled student at Mount Mary University
  • Demonstrate involvement in extracurricular and service-related activities
  • Maintain a 3.5 grade point average or better while matriculating at Mount Mary and upon graduation

Join the Honors Program

The Honors Program is available to first-time college students, transfer students and current students pursuing an undergraduate degree.

New students: The Admission Office will notify newly accepted students who meet the eligibility requirements; for these students, the formal application process is waived. To confirm their participation, students need to contact the Honors Program Director.

New Students Application

Current MMU students: Students who meet the eligibility requirements after their first semester at Mount Mary should complete the application form and then contact the Honors Program Director. 

Current & Transfer Student Application

Program Requirements

Graduation in the Honors Program is designated on the diploma and transcripts of students who successfully meet the following criteria:

  • Maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA at the time of graduation.
  • Complete six academic honors points by participating in an honors seminar, taking honors courses, writing a thesis and/or studying abroad.
  • Complete six enrichment honors points by participating in personal growth activities. 
Click here to learn more about these graduation requirements.

Contact the Honors Program

Contact Josh Anderson, Honors Program Director, at (414) 933-3108 or or the Admission Office with any questions about the Honors Program.



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