Welcome to the Graduate Health & Professional Programs

Mount Mary’s School of Graduate Health & Professional Programs offers graduate students a one-of-a-kind creative culture that is committed to student-centered learning through its three core student experiences—collaborating, exploring and putting principles into practice.

We prepare students to transform the world through strong academic programs that are student-centered and experiential. Students learn evidence-based knowledge and concepts, and then creatively apply those concepts to real-world problems. Our goal is to help students be able to improve themselves and their communities to make the world a better place.

Our alumni have helped:

  • A company use safer and more environmentally friendly chemicals
  • An older adult with diabetes improve their nutrition and health
  • A young adult with traumatic injuries rehabilitate and return to work
  • Create a faster way to detect viruses
  • A child with autism learn along-side classmates
  • Create systems that make health care more affordable

If you are curious about how the world works, or if you are interested in helping people make healthier choices, or if you want to help people have better lives, then science and health care may be for you!

Programs of Study