What's different about Mount Mary's Theology Major?

Mount Mary University’s theology major creates opportunities for you to understand and find meaning in the Judeo-Christian tradition and enter into dialogue with both Christian and non-Christian traditions. Through the program, you can develop your spirituality, participate in internships and study abroad. Students from all faith traditions are welcome to study theology at Mount Mary.

A theology degree prepares you for careers in church ministry or for pursuing graduate school for ministry or teaching at the college level. It also can be paired with a teacher education major if you want to pursue a career teaching religious education. Theology students are strongly encouraged to do at least one internship. Discover more about theology careers.

Minor in Theology

Complete degree requirements for a minor in Theology and a listing of courses are available in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Flexible Curriculum to Match Your Interests

Mount Mary offers a Bachelor of Arts in theology, as well as a minor and post-baccalaureate certificate in theology. Theology courses encourage you to explore diverse religious traditions and theological viewpoints. You’ll learn from qualified professors and receive a solid foundation in biblical, historical and systematic (ethics) theology. The flexible curriculum allows you to take course in areas you are most interested.

Study Theology in Italy

You can earn theology credits while studying abroad. In particular, every other year a three-week program in Italy offers a course on early Christianity in Rome.


Learn more about Mount Mary's Theology Degree

The quest to find meaning in the study of God and the relationship between God and the universe is the foundation of theology. Theology courses at Mount Mary University encourage you to explore diverse religious traditions and theological viewpoints.

Mount Mary offers a Bachelor of Arts in Theology degree. The theology curriculum is designed to give you a solid foundation in biblical, historical and systematic (ethics) theology, as well as have flexibility to pursue your own theological interests.

If you want to study a subject not offered in the current curriculum, you can work with a faculty member to create an independent study course. All courses are taught by faculty, not by teaching assistants.

Theology majors are required to take a minimum of 40 credits in theology. You also must complete the university’s core curriculum requirements. See the theology curriculum sheet. 

Complete degree requirements and a listing of courses are available in the Undergraduate Bulletin. 

Some academic programs require a GPA higher than is required for general admission to Mount Mary University. Contact your admission counselor for more information.


Enhance Your Education by Studying Abroad

Theology students have opportunities to study abroad and earn college credit for theology courses in countries such as China, Peru, Italy and Guatemala. For example, students can learn about the theology of justice in Guatemala, Christ and culture in Peru or the spirituality of place in China.

Every two years, a three-week program in Italy features a course on early Christianity in Rome. The course integrates lectures with visits to archeological sites, museums and historically significant churches, along with an opportunity to spend time serving people in need.


Theology Minor Requirements

A theology minor requires a minimum of 20 credits, which involves taking only three courses beyond the university’s core curriculum requirements. Consult the Undergraduate Bulletin for more details on requirements and courses for this minor.


Theology Certificate Requirements

A post-baccalaureate certificate in theology is available to women who already hold an undergraduate degree, but seek further training. Often these students already work in pastoral ministry or seek further academic training in theology. See more details on theology certificate requirements. 

Theology students or alumnae also may be interested in Mount Mary’s peacebuilding certificate.



The School of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Interdisciplinary Studies at Mount Mary is rich with talented faculty who care about their students.

A theology degree prepares you for careers in church ministry or pursuing graduate school to teach at the college level. In conjunction with the teacher education program, the theology major prepares you to teach religious education in grades 6-12.

As a second major, post-baccalaureate certificate or minor, theology can provide you with personal enrichment and enhances your preparation for careers in areas such as business, communication, law, political science, public policy and social work.


Career Opportunities for Theology Majors

As a theology major, you could pursue a career as a:

  • Campus minister
  • Consultant for nonprofits, academic journals or other organizations
  • Church music director
  • Director of Christian faith formation
  • Pastoral associate
  • Religious education teacher or director (at a middle/high school or at a church)
  • Theology professor
  • Youth or family minister

Nearly 1 in 3 Mount Mary theology graduates go on to graduate school, usually with the goal of becoming a Catholic pastoral associate, an ordained Protestant minister or a college theology professor.

Recent Mount Mary graduates have attended graduate school at Garrett-Evangelical Seminary, Marquette University, St. Francis Seminary, St. John’s School of Theology and Seattle School of Theology.

Starting salaries for theology majors in entry-level positions average about $32,400 per year and median career salaries are $50,700 per year, according to Pay depends on education and the type of organization for which you work.


Internships in Ministry & Religious Education

We strongly encourage you to do at least one internship for college credit, but internships are not required. Students pursuing religious education careers will complete student teaching.

Theology faculty can help you find an internship, or you can propose an internship. Our students recently have done internships in campus ministry, youth ministry and religious education at places such as:

  • Fox River Congregational Church
  • Milwaukee Mental Health Complex
  • Mother of Good Counsel Catholic Church
  • North Shore Congregational Church
  • Pius XI High School
  • St. Theresa Catholic Church
  • TYME OUT Youth Retreat Center

The Milwaukee area offers many opportunities for part-time ministerial positions, usually in religious education or youth ministry. Students are often welcome to apply for these positions, which can be developed into an internship experience.

Internships that promote social justice in the Milwaukee area also are available. Opportunities include working with the mentally ill or peacebuilding efforts.

The theology program encourages you to gather, build community and develop an understanding of various religious traditions through events during the academic year.

Student Luncheons, Groups & Annual Theology Events

Each semester, the theology program invites students and others in the Mount Mary community to informal luncheons to discuss theological topics.

Additionally, each year the department hosts Mary on the Mount, an event that honors a woman of faith who has transformed the world.

A student group called Women of Faith in Dialogue invites women of all faiths to share their traditions with each other.

To become involved in the luncheons, Mary on the Mount or Women of Faith in Dialogue, contact a theology faculty member.


Theta Alpha Kappa Honor Society

Mount Mary University has a chapter of Theta Alpha Kappa, the national honor society for theology students. Contact Donald Rappé, faculty adviser of the society, for more information.

Contact us to hear from your Admission Counselor: