I Have a Future Mount Mary Student

We're glad your student is considering Mount Mary University. Here are tips to help your student succeed in selecting and applying to college.


  • Offer assistance with the admission process. This process can sometimes seem overwhelming. Help her apply to Mount Mary University. It is best to complete the admission application during the fall semester of her senior year.
  • Visit college campuses. Even if you’ve visited campuses already, we encourage you to visit campus a second time as your daughter narrows her college selection. A more involved second visit, like sitting in on a class or spending a night in the residence hall, can be incredibly beneficial and can help with final decision making.                                    
  • Attend recruitment events. Most institutions offer some sort of a Fall Open House, where families hear from admissions and financial representatives, are able to explore majors and minors and tour the campus. This is a great way to get your questions answered about each particular institution of consideration.
  • Seek out and apply for scholarships. Encourage your daughter to apply early for scholarships and help her locate resources to do this. Scholarship can make a huge difference in whether or not a specific institution is affordable for your family. Plus, Mount Mary has partnered with RaiseMe, so your daughter can earn microscholarships toward college while she's in high school. 
  • Offer help and guidance with financial aid processes. To apply for financial aid and scholarships, your daughter will need access to your personal and financial information to complete forms. Make yourself available to help her with this, and remember to submit her FAFSA by March 1 to get the most financial aid possible. 


  • Explore colleges. This is the fun part!  Help your daughter search for colleges and universities by researching options online and discussing what features of an institution (such as size, location, academic programs, extracurricular activities) are most important to her.
  • Attend college fairs with your student. In addition to attending college fairs, encourage your daughter to visit the college representatives that come to her high school each fall semester.
  • Visit college campuses with your student. There’s no better way to explore a college than to take a campus tour. Go with your student to support her during this exciting time, and don’t be afraid to ask questions during your visit -- she'll thank you for it!  
  • Support her as she studies for the ACT or SAT. We recommend that she takes the ACT or SAT early in her junior year, so she'll have plenty of time to retake the test if she wants to improve her score.
  • Discuss how you’ll afford college. This is an important conversation to have with your student, and the earlier you have it, the better. She needs to know if you are planning to help her pay for college and how much you’re expecting her to contribute towards funding her education.
  • Begin looking for scholarships. Several organizations offer award competitions or scholarship opportunities that your daughter can apply for as early as her junior year. Plus, Mount Mary has partnered with RaiseMe, so she can begin earning microscholarships toward college while she's in high school. 


  • Support your student’s academic achievements. Encourage your daughter to study hard and achieve good grades. Colleges look at academics from all four years of high school, so now's the time to work hard! Plus, Mount Mary has partnered with RaiseMe to offer micro-scholarships that recognize high school students' everyday achievements. This means that your daughter can start earning money for college as early as 9th grade. She can earn up to $12,000 per year, which will be part of her Mount Mary University scholarship or financial aid award.                                 
  • Promote getting involved in extracurricular activities. Colleges like to see students who are involved in extracurricular activities, community service and other clubs or activities of interest. Encourage her to participate and take on leadership roles.
  • Encourage your student to take the PLAN test. This test will help your daughter learn more about career options so she can start making a plan for her future. Go with her to ask her school counselor about taking this test. Talk with her about her possible career interests and explain to her more about your career and what you do.
  • Encourage job shadowing. Help your daughter find a professional to job shadow in a career field she is interested in exploring.  This can make a strong impact on her future choice of major.

Middle School Students

  • Look into summer camps. See summer camps held at Mount Mary. 
  • Apply for scholarships for pre-college programs. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction offers scholarship for students attending up to three pre-college programs. Learn more.
  • Discuss high school expectations. Before your daughter starts high school, talk with her about the importance of high school and its impact on her future college choices. Emphasize the importance of achieving good grades throughout her high school career.

Transfer and Adult Students

  • Encourage applying early. As soon as the Admission Office receives her application and transcripts, our counselors can perform a credit evaluation so the student will know what coursework will transfer to Mount Mary. Encourage her to apply for admission and submit all transcripts to Mount Mary as soon as possible.
  • Promote involvement in extracurricular activities. Encourage your student to get involved and take on leadership roles in student activities, community service or study groups.
  • Help her find resources to support her success. Remind your student that there are support services like tutoring, career counseling and personal counseling available at Mount Mary, and let her know it’s okay to ask for help!
  • Put yourself in her shoes. Whether it’s your mom, sister or daughter going back to school, she’s likely being pulled in many different directions and wearing many different hats. She may face new challenges in adding a new role as student. Sometimes just a little patience and understanding goes a long way. Sometimes she may need you to boost her spirits and remind her why she is working so hard: to achieve her goals.
  • Help her find resources to support her success. Remind your student that there are support services like tutoring, career counseling and personal counseling available at Mount Mary, and let her know that it’s okay to ask for help!
  • Lighten her load. She may need you to help more around the house or running errands, or she may need a babysitter or help caring for elderly parents so she can spend time studying, working on a project or attending class. She has a lot going on and may not ask you for help, but offer any assistance you can and she will appreciate it!