Since 2014, Voices of Leadership has fostered conversations with women leaders who have broken ground in entrepreneurship, innovation, social change and leadership to inspire community partners and students. Leaders share their experiences, stories and best practices to help you see and pursue your own leadership potential. This annual event also enhances curriculum and the educational experiences for students through student projects that align with course learning objectives and also incorporate the themes from the keynote address.

Voices of Leadership 2024: The Magnitude of Choice

Kat Esser


Kat Esser
November 14, 2024
Mount Mary University

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The Magnitude of Choice

Choice is omnipresent. Every day, every hour, every minute offers the opportunity to make choices that move or pause us, lift or lower us incrementally and exponentially towards our individual purpose. Hear Esser share a collection of stories that have shaped her professional journey and influenced her leadership style in the hope of inspiring others to harness the power, potential, risk, growth, grace, chance, courage and conviction in the magnitude of choice.

“No path is given, it is made of a chain of choices that, while inextricably linked, are non-linear; moving us toward a purpose that only each of us-not others or the world-can name.” – Kat Esser

About Kat Esser

Kat Esser is Principal for Health Equity Innovation at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and a Special Advisor to the President for Strategic Transformation at Mount Mary University. Esser has held innovation leadership roles for over two decades across industries and organizations including; Calvin Klein, Martha Stewart, Kaiser Permanente, Deloitte and Amazon. She is a trusted and empathetic thought partner driven by leaders who are willing to look at their organizations as they currently are, then commit to transform them.

Event Details

  • Thursday, November 14, 2024
  • 7:30-10 a.m.
  • Mount Mary University Alumni Dining Room

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