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The Women's Leadership Institute offers this unique opportunity to currently enrolled Mount Mary University students who have also completed the Summer Leadership Academy. The LEAD program helps these students to develop their leadership skills, and expand their knowledge of professional skills and career choices. LEAD participants become more thoughtful, self-aware, and confident students and leaders. The LEAD program not only provides leadership development, but it enhances the educational experience of current Mount Mary University students with its programming by connecting students to faculty and staff as well as student resources. 

Program Details

"The LEAD program has helped me strengthen my relationships and made me feel more connected to both staff and students here on campus."
– Megan, 2022/2023 LEAD Program Participant

LEAD participants meet once per month for a Lunch & Learn program where lunch and relevant programming is provided for participants. The LEAD Program holds a variety of presentations with internal and external presenters. Sessions may include topics like the following:

  • Leadership skills
  • Exam preparation
  • Time management
  • Career exploration
  • Networking
  • Introduction to Mount Mary University resources

LEAD Benefits

The LEAD Program will provide the following benefits to Mount Mary University students:

  • Monthly Lunch & Learn meetings including social time and skill building
  • Social activities
  • Mentoring activities
  • Networking opportunities 
  • Service opportunities 

The LEAD program will be an additional touch point to students during their time at MMU, helping to connect them with resources that will assist them on their education journey.

For questions about the LEAD Program, contact Alexandra Hoslet, Women's Leadership Institute Program Manager, at hosleta@mtmary.edu or (414) 930-3579. 

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Networking at Voices of Leadership

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Networking Prep

Networking with sponsors at Voices of Leadership

Networking with sponsors at Voices of Leadership

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Networking at Voices of Leadership