Voices of Leadership: Shabnam Mogharabi

At Mount Mary University, we have fully embraced the notion that joy and creativity are invaluable assets.We are so pleased to welcome Shabnam Mogharabi, CEO and executive producer at SoulPancake to Milwaukee.

Her inspirational message speaks to the core values espoused by Mount Mary University. And what’s more, Shabnam’s work truly has a rare form transformative power for anyone who seeks meaning, purpose and impact in today’s ever-changing world. View event photos.

Student Creative Responses

The purpose of this speaker series is twofold: To present the ideas of influential women making a broad impact on the world – and to offer Mount Mary’s academic community the opportunity to reflect, respond and dig deeply into the issues that our speakers inspire us to consider.
Over the course of this semester, members of our faculty have embarked upon a creative examination of the work of Shabnam Mogharabi and her ideas surrounding joy, purpose and meaning. Based upon their academic disciplines, faculty members engaged students in activities designed to explore creative responses to what Shabnam and SoulPancake refer to as “life’s big questions.”


Our Favorite Shabnam Quotations:

  • On keeping positive: Having a joyful outlook does not mean that difficult issues are ignored or addressed; "it is about celebrating the joy and hope you can find in them."
  • On the importance of authenticity (especially with young people): "The Millennials and the Generation Zs who are now teens and younger can smell BS from a mile away," Shabnam said. "They are keenly aware when things feel bought or manufactured ... They reward positivity above other emotions."
  • What is FOMO? The Fear of Missing Out is a legit concern for young people who are constantly in the know and want to share their knowledge with family and friends. "The facebook wall is where people share what they stand for."
  • "The Internet is an ever-changing beast," Shabnam said. "And it is an intricate puzzle trying to rise above that noise ... and when all else fails? Cats."
  • "Expressing your gratitude will make you a happier person."