What a NASCAR driver can teach us about leadership

Julia Landauer, a two-time champion NASCAR driver, knows the importance of being a bold woman. She embraces her competitive spirit – whether she is in a race or faced with the realities of a male-dominated profession.

“I love winning, and I think that is not something we encourage girls to say a lot,” said Landauer.

Her top takeaways:

  • Be aggressive. “Women are not fragile, we take risks, fall down and get right back up.”
  • Take control. Don’t waste energy placing blame when things go wrong. “Find whatever bit of control you can take in whatever situation you’re in,” said Landauer.
  • Strive for self-awareness. Ask trusted friends or colleagues for opinions on how to better yourself.
  • Build relationships. Male allies can be powerful advocates as you advance into groundbreaking territory. Julia recalled a coach who advocated effectively on her behalf. She added that women should always be in the practice of supporting one another, too.

“If we don’t lift each other up, we can’t expect anyone else to help us either,” she said.

Landauer graduated from Stanford in 2014, earning a BS degree in Science, Technology, and Society. She focused on business and how modern technology can be applied to racing. Ever since, she has purposefully built her brand where technology, community and racing intersect and fuse.

Referencing her father many times, Landauer believes that her inspiration for greatness stemmed from both her parents who encouraged her to be the pinnacle of whatever she wishes to achieve.

Although Landauer admits there are many roadblocks for women who want equal opportunity, she reminds us that this is not a battle to be fighting alone.

“If we’re not willing to help each other as women, and grow and really bring each other up, then why should we expect other people, meaning society and men, to help us.”

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Mount Mary students connect academics to NASCAR

Landauer spoke to a crowd of 300+ Milwaukee business leaders at Mount Mary University’s Voices of Leadership event. The annual Voices of Leadership event brings together and engages Milwaukee’s professional community around topics and ideas that underscore the mission and purpose of Mount Mary University. Mount Mary’s campus community came together around themes of women empowerment in preparation for the event. See how students and faculty in various academic programs contributed to the inspiring event below. Additional photos can be found on Facebook here: Voices of Leadership 2018: Julia Landauer

Cookies modified to treat all diets

Cookies modified to treat all diets

Students also presented samples of cookies they modified to adapt to the needs of female performance athletes.

Art Therapy Responses

Art Therapy Responses

Graduate students in art therapy created pieces of artwork based upon themes of empowerment and the intrinsic motivation within us to rise above our circumstances and succeed.

3D Design takes the center

3D Design takes the center

The sculptures created by studio art students were centerpieces on each table.

Designing the DRIVE bar

Designing the DRIVE bar

The packaging for a chocolate candy bar was designed by Graphic Design senior Payton Hintz, who gave careful thought to the typography, colors, graphic design, and logo in creating the engaging candy bar wrapper.

Voices of Leadership is sponsored by: Johnson Controls, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Gustave A. Larson Company, Park Bank, Quarles & Brady, and Baird. Two alumnae have also established endowments to support the ongoing work of the Women’s Leadership Institute: Virginia R. Cornyn ‘62 and Nancy Cheski ’65.

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