Providing Student Accommodations in Your Courses

Some of your students may need accommodations to remove barriers to their success as a student at Mount Mary University. Our hope is that courses are as inclusive as possible through thoughtful design, but you may need to take additional steps to make your class inclusive to all students who are academically prepared for it. 

If you have questions about how you can best assist your students with disabilities, please contact Accessibility Services. 

Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

Handouts and Guides

Please see the below handouts and guides for further information to help you support students with disabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Materials developed by: Beloit College (WI), Everett Community College, (WA), Disability in Higher Education-Your Legal Rights (Legal Aid Society of San Francisco), and Marquette University.

What is a disability?

What are major life activities?

What are substantial limitations?

Who qualifies as having a disability under the ADA?

What are reasonable accommodations?

How does a student receive accessibility accommodations?

What role does the student play in the accommodation process?

What are faculty responsibilities with accessibility accommodations?

What if faculty disagree with the accommodations recommended for the student? Can I disagree with the identified accommodation outlined in the student's LOA?

What if a student provides faculty with a letter from a doctor, therapist, psychiatrist, or other licensed professional?

What should I know about confidentiality?

What about attendance requirements?

What about homework or assignment deadline requirements?

Are students required to receive accommodations in labs?

Does academic freedom have an impact on this process?

Can instructors fail students with disabilities?

What should I do if I think a student in my class may have a disability?

What can I expect regarding a student's behavior?

What if a student tells me they have a disability, but they never provide me with an LOA from Accessibility Services?

If a student feels that they have not been treated fairly, what's the procedure?

What happens when an instructor catches a student engaging in academic dishonesty, and the incident occurs during a test or quiz for which the student receives accommodations, such as plagiarizing during an online test? Can the accommodations be suspended?