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Post-Master's Certificate in Counseling

If you have previously received a master’s degree in counseling and seek an additional area in which to be licensed, you can create the next step in your professional career with a Post-Master’s Certificate in Counseling from Mount Mary University.

Post-Master’s certificates are available in two areas: clinical mental health and school counseling. In most cases, a state licensing or regulating board grants specific licenses. In some cases, a national professional organization may award licensing or perform credentialing. See the licensure information to learn which area will provide you with the license you seek.

Alison Ho

Alison Ho

Post-Master’s Certificate in School Counseling ’11

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“My intent coming into the post-master’s certificate in counseling program was to obtain DPI licensure and then employment as a school counselor. The Mount Mary post-master’s program helped me to look at my students as a whole, and reminded me that I need to serve the entire person, not just look at one area of his or her life. Within a month of completing the program, I interviewed at a Milwaukee area high school and received a job offer. I couldn’t be happier!”

Certificate Requirements

Post-Master's certificates are designed to meet the needs of the individual student. Degree requirements vary based on the length of time since obtaining your original degree, type of credentialing/licensing you are seeking and the curriculum content of your original master’s degree. In most cases, you will need to complete 12-30 credits of coursework. In some cases, you also may need to complete a minimum of 500 hours in a relevant practicum or internship experience.

For more information, see the post-master's in counseling curriculum needs chart for information on degree requirements.

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