Curriculum Overview

An overview of the curriculum for the Integrated M.S. in Nutrition & Dietetics can be found here.

Academic Calendar

The school year consists of 2 semesters of approximately 16 weeks each fall & spring, and 6-week summer term. The Integrated Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics program follows the Mount Mary University academic calendar.

The academic calendar can be accessed here.

Graduation and program completion requirements

A minimum of 1,050 supervised experiential learning hours, and ACEND competencies. 

Satisfactory completion of IMSND courses as outlined in the Academic Catalog, a minimum of 1,050 supervised experiential learning hours, and required ACEND competencies. 

Assessment of prior learning for transfer and experiential learning

Students who transfer from other academic institutions to Mount Mary University will have their transcripts assessed on an individual basis by a Mount Mary University admission counselor and a dietetics faculty advisor. Equivalent courses from local colleges and universities have been evaluated and approved for many of the courses required prior to admission to the program and will be accepted as transfer credits.

Courses in the Integrated Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics that include supervised experiential learning hours and can be substituted for by a dietetics course from another University if:

1. The class has been taken within the last 3 years and

2. A grade of B or above has been achieved or the student can take a MMU exam and score 80% or above and

3. A syllabus must be provided. An evaluation of the course syllabus, course textbook and documentation of comparable length and scope of the supervised experiential learning experience will be done by the program director on an individual basis and

4. Credit for Prior Learning Committee approval.

5. No more than 15 credits can be accepted.

6. All students must take DTS 566 Medical Nutrition Therapy 2

Supervised experiential learning experience in programs for diet technicians is not substituted for supervised experiential learning in the graduate program.

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