Create an Impact by Serving the Community

Service learning is an integral part of your Mount Mary University education and the University’s mission. Through service learning, you will --

  • learn about civic responsibility
  • develop compassion and interpersonal skills
  • develop leadership skills
  • help others
  • apply what you learn in the classroom to real-life situations in the community

Service learning is a teaching and learning method that integrates community service with academic coursework.  Service learning opportunities can inspire you to not only volunteer in the community, but to explore social issues and solutions.

At Mount Mary, service learning opportunities are incorporated throughout the curriculum, beginning your freshman year with the Leadership for Social Justice Seminar. Many other courses, as well as study abroad experiences, incorporate service learning.


In addition to service learning, there are many volunteer opportunities in the community that you can pursue outside of class.  These community service opportunities can --

  • help you define your career goals
  • build self-confidence
  • strengthen your resume
  • make you feel good!  

Get More Information

Contact the Director of Service Learning, Amanda Ritchey, or (414) 930-3416. You also can stop by the Student Success Center in the Haggerty Library for more information.