Mount Mary University partners with the Great Lakes Waldorf Institute to offer you opportunities to earn a Waldorf Teacher Certificate, as well as to complete a Master of Arts in Education degree. 

The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America recognizes Great Lakes Waldorf Institute as one of eight full member institutes in North America, and the first full member in the Midwest.

A Waldorf Teacher Certificate is granted through the Great Lakes Waldorf Institute, while the master’s degree is awarded by Mount Mary University. The Waldorf Teacher Certificate qualifies you to teach in Waldorf schools, but does not lead to licensure by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Waldorf Program Curriculum Requirements

The Waldorf Teacher Certificate program requires 27 credits. You’ll take the following courses at Mount Mary:

  • EDU 630: Introduction to Waldorf Education & Child Development I (2 credits)
  • EDU 632: Artistic Work in the Waldorf School I: Intro to Mediums (2 credits)
  • EDU 633: Inner Life of the Waldorf Teacher/Classroom Management (2 credits)
  • EDU 640: Artistic Work in the Waldorf School II: Clay Modeling & Drawing (2 credits)
  • EDU 641: Development of the Child II: Phases of Childhood (2 credits)
  • EDU 643: Artistic Work in the Waldorf School III: Drawing from the Book of Nature (2 credits)
  • EDU 700: Diversity Among Learners: Teaching History & Multicultural Education in the Waldorf Schools (3 credits)
  • EDU 740: Curriculum Design: Teaching Mathematics in the Waldorf Schools (3 credits)
  • EDU 742: Instructional Strategies: Teaching Geography in the Waldorf Schools (3 credits) 

In addition you will choose to take 3 courses from the following pairs of 2-credit courses:

  • EDU 631: Essentials of the Waldorf Curriculum OR EDU 645: Essentials of the Waldorf Kindergarten – Part I
  • EDU 634: Sing Me a Creation: Teaching Language Arts in the Waldorf School OR EDU 646: Essentials of the Waldorf Kindergarten – Part 2
  • EDU 642: Teaching Science in the Waldorf School OR EDU 647: Essentials of the Waldorf Kindergarten – Part 3 

The Great Lakes Waldorf Institute may require additional experiences.

Waldorf & Master’s Degree Program Curriculum Requirements

If you wish to achieve both a Waldorf Teacher Certificate and earn a Master of Arts in Education degree, you must complete all of the above requirements, plus these additional 9 credits:

  • EDU 715: Seminar – Issues & Problems Affecting Education (3 credits)
  • EDU 705: Introduction to Professional Inquiry (2 credits)
  • EDU 706: Instructional Project (4 credits)

Application Deadlines

  • August 1, for fall semester entry
  • December 1, for spring semester entry
  • May 1, for summer semester entry

How to Apply to the Waldorf Teacher Certificate Program

To apply for the Waldorf Teacher Certificate program, you must submit the following application materials:

1.  Complete and submit the online Graduate Student Application.

2.  Submit the nonrefundable application fee ($45 for domestic students; $100 for international students). You can submit the payment online by credit card or e-check through Transact Payments on the MyMountMary portal. Note: The application fee is waived for Mount Mary alumnae. If you’re an alumna, contact your graduate admission counselor to obtain the waiver code prior to submitting your application.

3.  Submit your official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended. You will need to contact each institution (typically the registrar’s office) to have your transcript sent directly to Mount Mary University. If you are in the process of completing a bachelor’s degree, send your current transcript at the time of application and then send your final transcript once your degree is conferred. If you previously attended Mount Mary, you do not need to request Mount Mary transcripts, but you should provide transcripts from other schools, if applicable. Official transcripts can be submitted via mail or electronically to:

  • Mount Mary University, Graduate Admission Office, 2900 N. Menomonee River Parkway, Milwaukee, WI 53222-4597

4.  Submit two letters of recommendation. The recommendations should be from professionals in the field of education. Use our Letter of Recommendation for Graduate Study Form (PDF).

5.  Write and submit a career goals statement. The statement should describe your career goals, specifying objectives, experience or skills contributing to your decision to pursue graduate study in education. Please include your name on the statement and submit the statement as an MS Word document.

Submit all application materials via postal mail or email to:

  • Mount Mary University, Graduate Admission Office, 2900 N. Menomonee River Parkway, Milwaukee, WI 53222-4597

Admission decisions will be made after all application materials are received. Learn how to check on your application status.

Email or contact your graduate admission counselor with application questions.

Transfer Credits

A maximum of 9 credits or 30 percent of total program credits, whichever is greater, may be transferred from other regionally accredited institutions with the approval of the program director. All transfer credits must be at a grade B or better, and must be documented with official transcripts. Credit earned prior to admission will be evaluated during the admission process only.