Food Science Professional Development Certificates

At Mount Mary, we recognize that working professionals have many responsibilities and that your time is limited. For this reason, we are also offering the M.S. in Food Science degree as three stackable professional development certificates:


  • Food Processing Chemistry (FPC)
  • Food Safety and Toxicology (FST)
  • Food Science Research (FSR)

Each professional development certificate is 7-13 credits, and can stand alone or be combined to complete the entire M.S. in Food Science. As long as you satisfactorily complete the three professional development certificates within seven years, you will earn the M.S. in Food Science.

Food Processing Chemistry (FPC) 10 credits

  • FSC 525 Food Chemistry Analysis
  • FSC 535 Principles of Food Processing and Engineering
  • FSC 542 Seminar in Food Processing Chemistry
  • MAT 526 Food Science Statistics

Food Safety and Toxicology (FST) 7 credits

  • FSC 551 Food Microbiology and Toxicology
  • FSC 601 Seminar in Food Safety and Toxicology
  • FSC 642 Regulatory Systems in Food Science

Food Science Research (FSR) 14 credits *

  • FSC 626 Research Methods in Food Science
  • FSC 660 Research in Food Science
  • FSC 661 Research in Food Science
  • FSC 602 Seminar in Food Science
*Completion of FPC and FST certificates are required prior to enrollment in FSR certificate.