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What's different about Mount Mary's Biology Major?

Mount Mary University’s biology major emphasizes scientific inquiry and brings real-world experience into the classroom and laboratory to prepare you to achieve personal and professional success. As a biology major, you'll get to participate in many hands-on labs, as well as undergraduate research projects.

You can customize your major by choosing one of three sequences: general biology, health sciences for pre-professional study and biology education.

Minor in Biology
Complete degree requirements for a minor in biology and a listing of courses are available in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Concentrations and Certificates

Mount Mary offers a Bachelor of Science in Biology degree, a minor in biology and a post-baccalaureate certificate in biology

Human Biology major, Pre-Occupational Therapy Concentration

Mount Mary University’s Human Biology major, Pre-Occupational Therapy Concentration emphasizes scientific inquiry and brings real-world experience into the classroom and laboratory to prepare you to achieve personal and professional success. As a Human Biology major with a Pre-Occupational Therapy Concentration, you’ll get to participate in many hands-on labs, as well as undergraduate research projects. The major prepares you for success in healthcare, research, writing, education, public health, or management careers.

Food Science Certificate

The Food Science certificate stems from the sciences of biology, chemistry, and engineering. In this, students will be able study the nature of foods with nutrition to understand the principles of food making to improve food quality. See details about the food science certificate.

Biology Careers
Scholarships for Biology Majors

Scholarships for Biology Majors

Jewel Scholars Program

Mount Mary University's Jewel Scholars Program aims to expand access to STEM careers for women and underrepresented students, with the purpose of growing the talent pool of highly skilled scientists in the Milwaukee area.

  • Jewel Scholars who are first year students will earn $27,000 or more per year, renewable for four years.
  • Jewel Scholars who transfer in to Mount Mary will earn $26,000 or more per year.

Ruth Debelack Memorial Scholarship

As a biology major, you may be eligible for the Ruth Debelack Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is need-based and is renewable to support you to earn your degree. 

Student Stories

The "Science Sisters"

The four biology seniors who call themselves the “Science Sisters” are building something important in themselves and in one another. They are building a bond that will have personal and professional impact long after graduation.

Andrea Peterson: Water Science Research

Petersen has three distinct roles, and each of them hold insight into Mount Mary’s transformative power to instill confidence, which Petersen has used to seize opportunities and take action.

Learn more about Mount Mary's Biology Degree

Mount Mary University offers a Bachelor of Science in Biology. You can customize your major by choosing one of three sequences:

  • General biology: This sequence prepares you for entry-level biology jobs after graduation. 
  • Health sciences: Through rigorous courses, hands-on learning and test preparation, this sequence prepares you for graduate study in dentistry, medicine, optometry, osteopathic medicine or veterinary science. Our graduates are well-prepared to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), Dental Admission Test (DAT) and Graduate Record Exam (GRE).  Learn more about pre-professional programs.
  • Biology education: If you wish to become a biology teacher, you must complete requirements for both the biology and education majors. When you complete the program, you will be eligible to teach biology or broad field science from early adolescence through adolescence (approximately grades 6 to 12). A student teaching experience is required. 
All sequences of the biology program feature:
  • Student-centered learning involving real-world problems and hands-on experience
  • A classroom focus on learning, gaining experience and developing expertise
  • Small classes for both lectures and labs
  • Capstone courses for juniors and seniors where you design and conduct your own research studies

Admission & Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

The biology curriculum helps you the master scientific method and the ability to organize resources to solve problems. Courses cover topics such as animal behavior, ecology, environmental science, genetics, human physiology, microbiology, molecular techniques and zoology.

The biology major requires 58-66 credits, depending on the sequence you choose. You also must complete the university’s core curriculum requirements. Complete degree requirements and a listing of courses are available in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Some academic programs require a GPA higher than what is required for general admission to Mount Mary University. Contact your admission counselor for more information.

Biology Minor Requirements

A biology minor is an excellent match for chemistry, dietetics and education majors. The minor requires a minimum of 19 credits. For more details on requirements and courses for this minor, see the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Biology Certificate Requirements

Mount Mary offers a biology post-baccalaureate certificate in general biology or biology education to women who have already completed a bachelor’s degree. Learn more about biology post-baccalaureate certificate requirements.


The School of Natural and Health Sciences and Education at Mount Mary is rich with talented faculty who care about their students.

 A challenging and invigorating biology curriculum prepares you for a successful career in healthcare, research, writing, education, public health or management.

Create Your Own Career Path

With an undergraduate biology degree, you can pursue entry-level positions such as a biological technician, botanist, marine biologist, microbiologist, science researcher, science teacher or zoologist. With advanced study, you could become a chiropractor, dentist, doctor or veterinarian.

Get Internship & Research Experience

Mount Mary faculty can help you find off-campus summer research opportunities and internships, as well as guide you through student-designed research projects on campus. Internships are not required for biology majors, but they are encouraged to allow you the opportunity to find out more about careers you’re interested in and make connections with biology professionals.

Mount Mary students have interned at:

  • Food technology laboratories
  • Milwaukee County Zoo
  • Milwaukee Public Museum
  • Research and development microbiology laboratories
  • Veterinary clinics

Biology students are encouraged to participate in service learning activities and student clubs and organizations, including the Beta Beta Beta biology honor society.

Beta Beta Beta 

Beta Beta Beta (also called Tri-Beta) is a national honor society for undergraduate students that encourages education and professional development in biological sciences. Mount Mary’s Theta Alpha chapter offers membership at the local or national level.

Student members frequently attend national and regional conventions, which provide an opportunity to present the results of research projects. Our local chapter offers leadership opportunities that will make you stand out to employers and graduate programs.

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