Student Support Consultants

Get the support you need to succeed academically from a caring professional. 

Student Support Consultants can:

  • help students navigate Mount Mary University systems and services
  • assist students one-on-one to address academic and/or social challenges
  • refer students to other campus resources for additional support
  • act as student advocates

Students are welcome to contact a Student Support Consultant at any time to make an appointment.

Contact Us:
Student Support Consultant for First-Year Students (30 credits or less)
Lisett Roman
(414) 930-3433
Caroline Hall room 155

Student Support Consultant (above 30 credits)
Jennifer Looysen
(414) 930-3313
Haggerty Library room 123 (in the Student Success Center)

Reasons to Contact a Student Support Consultant:

  • you have questions and aren’t sure who to ask
  • you feel overwhelmed
  • you have had multiple absences and need help to get back on track
  • you are struggling with personal issues that are impacting your academics
  • you want to learn how to access other campus resources
  • you are worried about your academic progress

Student Support Consultants Work With Faculty to Increase Student Success by:

  • responding to Early Alerts submitted through the Finishline system
  • providing assistance with the use of the Finishline system
  • helping facilitate communication with students
  • offering guidance with regard to campus policies and procedures