Learning Center Professional Tutors

To make an appointment with one of our professional tutors, please make an account on WCOnline. From there, you will be able to choose a tutor, see their hours and schedule the best time for you.You can access WCOnline through the link or through My Mount Mary. Click on the Campus life tab, then click on "Student Success Center" in the left sidebar. If you have any questions, email the Learning Center staff at mmu-ssc@mtmary.edu, call (414) 930-3026, or stop by the Student Success Center desk on the first floor of Haggerty Library. Walk-ins are also welcome!




Victoria Fisher-Keough
Biology, Chemistry




Connie Guerrero
Statistics, Math


Carol Julin
English, Writing for all classes/majors, Math, Study Skills


Erin Gaughan
English for English Language Learners (ELL), Writing, Study Skills

kimKim Omachinski
English for English Language Learners (ELL), Writing for all majors/classes, Spanish, Math, Study Skills



Emily Clifford


Alix Shaw
English, Writing for all majors/classes, Study Skills



S. Joanne Poehlman
English, Writing for all majors/classes, Search for Meaning, Anthropology, and The Humanities




Amy Brudnicki
Anthropology, Behavioral Statistics, Psychology

Coming Soon! Writing, Math, Science