Learning Center Professional Tutors

To make an appointment with one of our professional tutors, please email the Learning Center staff at mmu-ssc@mtmary.edu, call 414-930-3026, or stop by the Student Success Center desk on the first floor of Haggerty Library. Walk-ins are welcome!



mmu-logo.jpgAmy Brudnicki
Anthropology, Behavioral Statistics, Psychology
ssc_002.jpgCarol Julin
English for English Language Learners, English, Math, Study Skills, Writing
jenna_lassila.jpgJenna Lassila
English, Study Skills, Writing
ssc_010.jpgS. Michael Marie Laux
English for English Language Learners, English, Search for Meaning, Study Skills, Theology, Writing
ssc_019.jpgJennifer Lino
English, Study Skills, Writing
kari_metts_2.7.jpgKari Metts
English for English Language Learners, Study Skills
ssc_016.jpgJudy Meyers
Chemistry, Math
andrea_roell_2.7.jpgAndrea Roell
Biology, Chemistry
marywallace.jpgMary Wallace